Typical Ban Appeal

This is an actual copy/paste ban appeal we get about 40 times a day. It’s originally from CSGO and they change the game name to Rust. Sometimes they forget to change the game name which makes it even funnier.
“I went to my account and Steam saw that they banned me (October 17) I was banned in RUST for nothing, I did not use cheats, macros or other forbidden software to get an advantage over the players, especially since I had a little More than 130 hours and I would never risk them. So rust is my favorite game and I hate when I meet in it Cheater or bug. Very much I ask you to revise my ban and dilute, as I believe that it was unjustly given and mistakenly. I hope for your understanding, I really want to play your favorite game as soon as possible “
It come form the Russian community so the English translation is shoddy, at best. 😀
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