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So, ~8 months ago this kid got server banned by one of my admin for ban evasion (had an alt with a recent Rust ban). He appealed it, it was denied, I moved on with my life.  (ban appeal here)

Copy of our old convo leading up to today:

Out of no-where this fine young gentleman reached out to me via twitter to let me know he’s ‘dropping a disstrack‘ on me …8 months later, which ended up being one of my more favorite threads this week.

Turns out he’s got double-digit amounts of gamebans that EAC dished out to him for cheating. Won’t list them all but..

But apparently I’m the no-life loser in the scenario.  Not that I want to give this dude any views, but it’s pretty cringy and I feel it’s worth the watch.

P.S. #FuckErrn #UnbanMe in the same ‘lyric’ btw

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