Russian Translation

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Ban appeal what???

“Hello. I do not know why I was given a bath today in a rast (06/18/2018). The growth is my favorite game and I do not want to lose it from my bibleotheca. I did not want to use any kinds of cheats to use it coderatically. I think I understand dilute.”


Mommy no

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If there’s two videos on the internet that accurately depict an avg day for dealing with Rust players, it’s these.


Gen Z

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So, ~8 months ago this kid got server banned by one of my admin for ban evasion (had an alt with a recent Rust ban). He appealed it, it was denied, I moved on with my life.  (ban appeal here)

Copy of our old convo leading up to today:

Out of no-where this fine young gentleman reached out to me via twitter to let […]

Getting Unbanned

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One of my mods made them write this to get unbanned.  (was being toxic)

“The Rusty Moose staff is the best staff to have ever existed since the staff’s carried by the ancient egyptian cat worshipping pharoahs and I will not harass or talk shit about them on my stream.”



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“Why did i got banned ? yes i downloaded hacks but didint even used them just kept the folder in my desktop i really love this game and dont want to get banned”

Typical Ban Appeal

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This is an actual copy/paste ban appeal we get about 40 times a day. It’s originally from CSGO and they change the game name to Rust. Sometimes they forget to change the game name which makes it even funnier.

Hello World, again!

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Another test post.

  1. a large African mammal with a very long neck and forelegs, having a coat patterned with brown patches separated by lighter lines. It is the tallest living animal.

Test post

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This is a test post.  blablabla bla bla blaa blaaaa